Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tired of going to war everyday..

i was chatting with my so-called 'dad' just now.. and here's our conversation..

吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: sorry dad
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: i am very tired
Alvin 说: it ok
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: tired of working
Alvin 说: u can go back and rest yet?
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: those stabbing behind of others
Alvin 说: har
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: sigh
Alvin 说: how come
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: why we cant just work peacefully?
Alvin 说: some people jealous lor
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: no
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: they are scare
Alvin 说: of what
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: scare that their power will be gone
Alvin 说: crazy
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: as they are getting old
Alvin 说: ic
Alvin 说: no wander
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: and they worry the new generation will over them
Alvin 说: sooner o later lar
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: so should i blame them?
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: or feel sorry for them?
Alvin 说: no
Alvin 说: don have to
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: then?
Alvin 说: just do ur work
Alvin 说: ignore them
Alvin 说: they will be gone very very soon one lar
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: i dont hope that they will gone
吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle 说: just hope that everyone is doing their job peacefully

吉姆斯, a gorgeous uncle = me
Alvin = my so-called 'dad'

ya, why we all cant just do our jobs peacefully?

Monday, March 9, 2009

at last - a new post after 45days

its been 45 days.. was very very lazy to post lately.. after i read Willy's post, suddenly i feel like wanna put my work away and spend some time on my blog.. =D (luckily my boss is away...)

23rd Jan 09 - back to my lovely KL from guangzhou. its lovely not because it is lovely, but its because my lovely as my family and friends are here.. arrrhhh, finally back after 3months away. when i arrived and my dog saw me, i expected she will run to me and lick me at the first second but i was so disappointed. she spent 5seconds staring at me like a stranger!!!!!!! what a dog!! i ended it up by putting her on a tall chair(she afraids of height) im a bad owner huh?

I spent 17days in malaysia for CNY. seems quite long right? but i ended up gone back to penang and stayed in KL for the rest of the day. planned to go to SG, then a friend in SG asked me:"why u so cheap? come to SG and have sex then back with HIV?" and he managed to stop me going to SG. was quite boring but manged to met up a lot of my friends..

10th Feb 09 - came to guangzhou again... has been almost a month. nothing much happened but last week, i felt uncomfortable on my right lung. i was so scare, thought im going to get pneumothorax again(i got pneumothorax on my left lung) but the doctors said im fine... some how, my mum and sis forced me to go for chinese medication and im going tomorrow. nothing to lose anyway...

oh yes, wednesday im going to HK. sorry for not upload any pics which i took in barcelona as i have left them in my malaysia pc...


Saturday, January 17, 2009

tiring working environment~~

ya, i believe most of us always busy on the month of january. but i just couldnt handle it anymore...ARRHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so tired, so busy until i have no time at all to update my blog. or may be i should say i had been so busy until i have no time to make something happen so that i can have something to write about...ARRRHHH!!!!

anyway, im going to Barcelona on 20th Jan.. =D wish to take lots of photos and upload here... and going back to my 'lovely country' Malaysia on 23rd JAn 2009.. muarks

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my friend asked me to write 2 articles for him last weeks. its been a long i didnt write any articles. well, i managed to finish it and he said very nice. he made me feel like wanna write for him again..hehe

well, since my friend said its nice, let me publish here and share with u guys. =P


I was standing still in front of her; a dead woman, who was once my beloved; who was once sacrificed a lot to me; who was once I deeply hurt. I was kept on standing and staring at her. It was cold but I kept on standing still. I mumbled to myself, “If only I had a time-machine…”

“Please marry me.” I said to her. A French kiss besides the road and passerby were looking at us. They smiled and walked away. It was Valentine day. She was holding the roses I gave to her, with her head laying on my shoulder; I was holding her on her waist, hugging her gently. We were slowly walking down the street, towards our home sweet home.

I first met her besides the lake. She was standing there for quite some time. I was jogging until I saw her. I stopped and looked at her. I don’t know why but I just stopped and looking at her. We were standing there for quite some time, until she turned to me and smiled. I saw an angel.

We attached and soon we got married. But we were not blessed. I was born in a wealthy family. My parents were against our marriage because she was an orphan. And at that time, I had a fiancée. I felt sorry for my fiancée but I love my wife. I ran away from my family, thousand miles away from them with my newly-wed wife. We were living happily. But soon, we were out of money. And worse, I failed to be employed. I was so down that time.

One day, my wife handed me some cash. She told me that she was working part-time at a restaurant. I was so touched but felt useless at the same time. Every night, my wife will go to work. Soon, I doubt that there was something behind the story which my wife was hiding from me. She was only working at night and her salary was quite a lot.

One night, I followed her without her noticed. She walked to a motel and met a guy there. Then they went into the room. I followed to the room and took a peep at the window. To my surprise, they were having sex! I was so upset but I controlled myself and waited them. To my surprise again, I saw the man gave my wife some cash before they left.

I was so confusing. My wife sacrificed her body just to let me survived. I was deeply down. I cried. I went to a pub and got myself drunk. A lady approached me and I brought her back to my house.

Suddenly, the door opened and my wife saw us on the bed. She was shocked and ran away. I chased after her. A car came and knocked her down when she was running across the road.

There were a lot of couples walking along the road while she was lying in the pool of blood. Red roses were everywhere. It was Valentine day.


I was lying on the ground, at the garden in a hospital, looking at the sky. There were children playing nearby happily. Soon, an uncle approached them. The uncle was smiling at them and guided the children into the building. The children were the patients and they were staying at the same floor as me.

I was looking at the uncle and tears were starting to drop from my eyes. I took out a watch and was staring at it. “Uncle, I miss you so much. How are you up there?” I mumbled to the watch.

“Uncle, look at this watch! It is so nice. How nice if I can have it as my birthday present. Please, can I?” I and my uncle were on the way to the car. We went for a movie and I saw the watch in a shop. “No, I just bought a bag for you.” My uncle was pulling me, trying to stop me from entering the shop. “Then, can I have it as my Christmas present, please? Christmas is around the corner. Please.” I was begging my uncle. “Well, as I remember, it is only October. There are two months to go before Christmas,” said my uncle coldly to me while pushing me into the car.

I was so angry. I didn’t speak to my uncle and ignored him for the next whole month. Whenever he tried to approach me, I will walk away. I even had my dinner in my room, just to avoid him. Soon, he was busy with his work and I seldom see him. He was always busy before Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, my dad came and picked me up after I finished movie with my friends. But we were not going back to my house but hospital. My dad took me into a room and I saw my uncle was lying there. “Your uncle got hit by a car when he was crossing the road. Doctor said that he won’t be able to celebrate Christmas with us tomorrow,” my dad said to me with his tears dropping.

I hold my uncle’s hand tightly. My uncle awoke and smiled to me when he saw me. He asked the nurse to bring him the box which he was holding when he was admitted to the hospital. He then gave me the box and said to me, “Merry Christmas.” I opened the box and saw the watch.

I got robbed few days ago. I remember I fought with him when he tried to snatch the watch. He then stabbed me with knife and ran away. My dad told me that I was holding the watch tightly when I got admitted. He lectured me for being so stupid to fight with the robber. I smiled and said to my dad, “It is the most precious thing in my life.”

ya, these 2 titles. sounds a little kiddy but hope u guys enjoy it... ciao~~

Thursday, December 4, 2008

things going through smoothly.. and my xmas wishlist..

5-12-2008 - i received a letter this morning. i was shocked!! its written my chinese name on the envelope(cause not much people know about my chinese name). i opened it and found a letter informed me that i have won a car. (obviously this is some kind of cheat case) however, i asked my staff to call and checked. (its written there i have won a smart car, my dream car..~~) my staff called and confirmed there is no such lucky draw held by them...sigh. but still, it cheer my day.. =D

well, my mood was quite down few days ago as my boss dont keep his promise. i was so angry and just walked out of my office to have my tea break outside.. :P i know its not right but he burn me up when he deny what he promised me before..ARRHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but some how, yesterday he finally gave what he promised me and asked me not to say it out...hehe... proud of myself.. =P

things going through smoothly since i came to guangzhou, not much difficulties although i was in the hospital for a month and was resting at home for 2months.. gosh, 3months not in the office but still not a problem for me at all to get all my things in control.. well done to myself..(my face so thick) haha~~

going to hongkong this sunday, hope to hook up with some guys.. :P and im going to shop till i broke to the world..haha. just love shopping in hongkong before christmas. such a great feel shopping surrounded with christmas atmosphere.. christmas trees here, christmas songs there and christmas sales everywhere..haha~~~

christmas is on the way and its time for me to write my wish list. hope santa noted this and i will see them in my sock on the christmas morning...haha! gosh.. i need to sew a huge huge sock to hang at the fireplace.. wonder why? lets read my wish list first..

a 3G i-phone, a laptop/notebook, and a smart car...!!!

im not greedy right? there are only 3... =P anyone wanna be my santa??

Friday, November 21, 2008

EPF 8% Means Paying More Income Tax..(For those in Malaysia)

20 Nov EPF 8% Means Paying More Income Tax (For those in Malaysia)

A friend of mine sent me a email showing how if you are contributing 8% that would effectively mean you pay more tax! This may apply for those who earnings are above a certain amount. Have a look at the calculation below :

Assume monthly basic salary is RM4000If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% ( RM440 ), taxable income = RM3560, income tax payable = RM77.If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% ( RM320 ), taxable income = RM3680, income tax payable = RM109.

Conclusion :

If you choose to contribute 8%, you will end up paying more income tax to the government, which will make the government richer. Finance Minister Najib said this measure is meant to boost up the slow-down market, but from this example wee see that the money does not go into the market. Instead the money goes direct into the government through the greater amount of income tax that we will have to pay every month. Obviously this measure does not seems to help the market at all. So you still lazy to fill up that form??


19-11-2008 收左个徒弟女。。系啊,系个女仔,仲系个靓女。。其实系我住院时,隔离床“同病相怜好兄弟”的女朋友。不过我就同我“好兄弟”失去联络左,反而同距女朋友变成师徒关系(应该系距前女友。。徒弟女睇左吾好打我啊。。咔咔)